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La vita è bella

By Scott Jawns

You think the seaweed is always greener on somebody else’s lake? Hire a Mercedes Benz in Lake Como, one of the most spectacular lakes in Europe, and discover just how great your life can be.

Italy's most popular lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lush hills and dotted with beautiful villages of yellow and pink houses, cobblestoned streets and charming little cafes and shops. Hire the powerful mid-size Mercedes ML-Class 4X4 SUV and visit the beautiful town of Bellagio. With stunning views, fashionable boutiques, gorgeous botanical gardens, picturesque streets and a wide choice of restaurants and cafes, the historic village of Bellagio is an amazing place to explore Lake Como while enjoying a big cone of gelato.

Drive your Mercedes Benz CLS Class, a four-door with a 2+2 seating arrangement that combines the distinctive style and sleek design of a coupe with the comfort of a saloon, to Como, the capital of the province and known as the silk capital of the world. Built around its magnificent duomo, regarded as one of the best examples of 'Gothic Renaissance Fusion', Como is a bustling city with a cosmopolitan feel and charming café culture. Stop for lunch at Le Colonne, just off of one of the piazzas, and enjoy a classic al forno regional dish or a pizza baked in the restaurant's wood burning pizza oven. Eat al fresco outside in the piazza or on a colder day, enjoy your meal by the fire in the cosy indoor dining room.

Hire a Mercedes Benz in Lake Como and get away for a few days to this tranquil paradise in the Lombardy region.

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