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Be driven by the power of beauty

By Nicole Harris

Set off across the Italian region of Val d’Orcia with a Mercedes-Benz rental from Siena and experience the most sensational food and wine tour, set within the most stunning panoramic views of the Italian countryside.

Hire the Mercedes SLK and drive a car that has an intuitive instinct for the road, with an exceptionally elegant design, the excellent craftsmanship is evident is the many details. Make your first stop Montepulciano a favourite location amongst our most discerning food and wine connoisseurs. Montepulciano is renown for its traditional culinary dishes of pasta “pici”, pork, cheeses, lentils and honey. The world class wines are a must, the Vino Nobile in particular is listed amongst Italy’s most awarded.

Rent the Mercedes AMG GT and spend a day in Pienza, the AMG GT has redefined the art of travelling. The coupé design is comprised of an elongated bonnet that gives the impression of seeking out the road, possessed. The fastback rear and powerfully evoking silhouette breathes new life into sportscar styling. Perfect for a drive into the breathtaking scenery of the Val d’Orcia province, Pienza sits at its pinnacle of colour and light splashed across a panoramic view. Under the instigation of a renaissance humanist, Pienza was the first planned urban city in the world and is today recognised as a world heritage site.

From within the Mercedes to the landscaped views beyond, be driven by the power of beauty with a Mercedes rental from Siena.

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