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By Scott Jawns

In the wise words of Coco Chanel “Keep your heels, head, and standards high” rent a Mercedes in Tuscany for some of the most elite and exclusive shopping options in Europe.

From within Florence rent a prestigious Mercedes C class vehicle, elite and highly capable with strong performance capabilities, the C class drives well and looks sensational on the road. Rent the C300 Sedan, to drive towards the Reggello Mall in Florence, exhibiting all the most prestigious Italian clothing brands from Gucci, Prada and Cavalli, Armani and Valentino amongst the Italian fashion houses. This prestigious shopping mecca for the locals and tourists alike is hardly shy of an international flair, hosting other fashion houses from around the world such as Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent and many more.

While the price is what you pay, the value is what you get shopping along the golden boulevards of Florence and Siena. Yet, amidst the well known and elite labels there are also some highly charismatic and charming hand craft boutiques. Rent the Mercedes C400 4MATIC Sedan, a purist at heart with an ECO start and stop system and the unique Mercedes 4 wheel drive system, this car offers pure driving pleasure. Follow the road to Volterra, Scarperia and Mugello, some of the small towns known for their high quality hand crafted souvenirs made of alabaster, wood, ceramic and Colle Val d'Elsa glass. Go to a workshop hosted by the local craftsman, they offer just a clue of the immense details that goes into the art.

Rent a Mercedes in Tuscany, because nothing haunts you like the things you didn’t buy.

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