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Eat a delectable Sfogliatella or ten

By Scott Jawns

Sweet lovers must taste a Sfogliatella or ten. They are the signature sweet dish of Naples and are totally delicious.

Show your unique lifestyle with a superlative choice of car. Rolls-Royce Naples Airport rental (NAP) is waiting for you.

Self-Drive or Chauffeur?

For unsurpassed luxury, our Rolls-Royce Dawn is a handmade convertible offering design without compromise. Create a cosy ambiance with the roof closed or open it and embrace the elements. We also offer the discerning driver a Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé, featuring state-of-the-art engineering within a timeless design. If you prefer to be driven, we can naturally provide you with chauffeur services.

Rolls-Royce SUV Rental

What would you say about renting a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, a Super Luxury SUV for a Super Fast Drive around Naples? The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is a true Rolls-Royce; this tall and imposing SUV with all the comfort and luxury of a limousine. It is certainly worth the try!

When you arrive in Naples with your Rolls-Royce Rental, you will make all heads turn. Let them stare and enjoy every minute of it!

Delight your taste buds with these light flaky pastries. Inside you will find a dense filling of sweetened ricotta cheese. There are two variations, a riccia, more difficult to make with a flaky exterior or a frolla, with a smooth outer crust, but equally as delicious. They were originally created in the monastery of Santa Rosa in Conca dei Marini in the province of Salerno, in the 17th century. Pasquale Pintauro, a pastry chef from Naples, acquired the original recipe and began selling the pastries in his shop in 1818. Eat them for breakfast, tea or lunch. Neapolitans love their sweets, and this is a classic.

Rolls-Royce hire at Naples Airport is a total pleasure with our Meet and Greet Service.

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