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Falling In Love With Life

By Scott Jawns

People love life in Italy and it’s all too easy to understand why, with delicious gastronomy on offer, the haute couture fashion, diverse history, romantic culture, a love for luxury sports cars and the fantasy of taking to the open road with nothing but a motorcycle. Hire an Exotic Car in Italy and immerse yourself in the wonderful scene that is a continual celebration of life.

On the open highways that cross over the Bel Paese, hire the Ferrari California and travel to the wondrously historical city of Assisi. Just as much as the iconic location of Assisi, the Ferrari is at the center of Italian heritage and culture. The California represents Ferrari’s attempt to create the marque’s most aerodynamic car ever. A drive in this Exotic car offers a truly unique experience in a hardtop 4-seater cabrio. The ancient city of Assisi is filled with beautiful churches, voluptuous fountains and charming little houses that dot the way. The famous Basilica di San Francesco is found here, decorated with many frescos that depict a strong religious sentiment. A day in Assisi always makes for pleasant travel, leisurely spent wandering around old world corners.

Hire the Porsche Cayenne to drive an exotic mid-size SUV that is supreme on-road and equally outstanding off-road. It’s the perfect car to put to the test when you want to eat up the kilometers that take you across Italy’s Western Alps. Travel through the lush green scenery of Val Pellice, Val Chisone and Val Po amongst many others. In the highly comfortable confines of the Porsche Cayenne trail along the many off road paths to travel through some of the most picturesque wooded scenery. Stop at a local tavern or bed and breakfast to get a bite to eat or rest up, the people who live in the villages are friendly and offer great hospitality. Start your Italy Exotic car hire journey in Cuneo, and from there the sky is literally the limit.

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