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Visit Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii

By Ethan Hews

Visit the iconic Mount Vesuvius and the city of Pompeii on a day trip from Naples Airport. Travel in an all-equipped Luxury Van Rental.

Drive a luxury Mercedes V-Class

Step off your flight and relax over a cup of coffee. Our professional Meet and Greet Service will be waiting to hand you the keys to your Luxury Mercedes V-Class. Load up family and friends and set off to explore. Driving a Mercedes V-Class is the best rental option when you are planning a long trip with the family. The roomy interior and easy access to the front and rear seats thanks to sliding doors and the large storage room make it an ideal rental car.

The trip to the iconic Mount will take around 40 minutes. Relax and enjoy the scenery. When you arrive, be awed at the massive, active volcano that towers over the Bay of Naples. It was the cause of the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum in the year 79 AD. Leave your rented V-Class and climb up the rocky slopes, make sure you are wearing tough shoes! The trail meanders back and forth and then takes you to the crater edge. Take fabulous photos.

Visit Pompeii

Back in your van continue to Pompeii, a wealthy city that was covered in molten lava killing around 3000 people and preserving homes, bodies and relics in time. See the Amphitheatre and the Great Palaestra. Visit the Temple of Apollo and the Forum Granary.

The Roman Baths are interesting with beautiful decorations and give an insight into how they functioned in ancient times. The famous House of the Tragic Poet cannot be missed. You will recognise the mosaic at the entrance which shows a chained dog and the words 'Beware of the Dog'.

Savour all you have seen at the magnificent Michelin-starred Restaurant President, complete with dripping chandeliers and gracious service.

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