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We were together, I forgot the rest

By Scott Jawns

There are many romantic notions about Tuscany, known for its idyllic landscapes, medieval villages, and charming farmhouses, the wine tours are a selection of the most prestigious wines in the world and the cypress tree-lined drives are truly blissful. The thing is, these picturesque locations are all found as you drive your Rolls-Royce rental in Tuscany. Tuscany really is all about the romance, not merely the notions.

The Rolls Royce Phantom Extended wheelbase is available for rent with chauffeur service as the emphasis on luxury is clearly on the rear seats. An extra 17cm of leg room, is all about the quality space it creates; the space to work, the space to entertain and most importantly the space to relax. As you are driven across the emerald Tuscan hillside, don’t deny the irresistible urge to sit back and let serenity pass you by.

Make your accommodation booking at Casa Soleluna, a delightful property situated in the Tuscan countryside of Arezzo, a mere few minutes from Tuscany’s cultural heartbeat of Cortona. The residence is a lovingly restored early 19th century mansion, the rooms are all finely designed with the highest quality fabrics and immaculate attention to detail. Make this location your base as you have the Rolls-Royce Ghost extended wheelbase delivered to you. This is an opportunity to see all the most romantic sights of Tuscany with the greatest ease and in the highest level of comfort.

Rent a Rolls-Royce in Tuscany, as the drive takes you through the rolling expanse of greenery close your eyes and just breath.

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