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Visit Naples for a fun and different holiday

By Nicole Harris

Naples is a fun city, world renowned for pizza, a Unesco World Heritage historic centre and museums hosting the world's finest art treasures.

Hire a 4x4 in Naples Airport (NAP) for a luxurious self-drive vacation. Pre-book your car, our Meet and Greet Service will be waiting for you at Naples International Airport. Relax and we will arrange everything you need.

Be an independent spirit when you drive our Mercedes Benz E Class Wagon. With an iconic design of piercing eyes, powerhouse engine and state-of-the-art safety features, it is the ultimate luxury ride. Enjoy an all-terrain driving experience with our Range Rover HSE. This luxurious SUV offers cutting-edge technologies coupled with a stylish design for a superb drive, no matter what road conditions you encounter.

Start your day in a crazy way with a delicious pizza verace napoletana. Then follow in the footsteps of the artistic legacy of the famous Caravaggio. Visit Pompeii, a city frozen in history and Vesuvius for a spellbinding day out. Eat at the famous M Waterfront Grille, overlooking the bay, where the sautéed veal and shrimp with mushroom, spinach and mascarpone risotto is a must.

SUV rental at Naples Airport is a stylish way to travel. Speak to us about the luxury car of your dreams.

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