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The strongest of all mortals

By Scott Jawns

Hire a Luxury car in Naples and uncover a city full of museums boasting some of Europe’s finest art and archeology, royal palaces and castles and a city historic center that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Drive a Mercedes Cabriolet

Hire the Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet, a prestige car with a stylish exterior design and luxurious interior rich in driving aids and safety features. Take the wheel of this graceful convertible and visit Piazza del Plebiscito, Naple’s main square. Admire the Royal Palace and the church of San Francesco di Paola that bound the piazza and walk a little further to the nearby Teatro di San Carlo, Italy’s oldest opera house. Visit Castel Nuovo and Sant'Elmo, two of Naple’s historical castles.

Rent a Sports Car

Drive the BMW M4, a sports coupe powered by a 3-litre front-mid V6 engine that propels it from 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and enablees quick acceleration. Make your way aboard this impressive sports BMW to Piazza Bellini to enjoy an espresso or some wine in this bohemian and eclectic bar-lined square that holds ruins from the city's 4th-century Greek city walls.

Porsche Fans 

For an executive drive, consider hiring the Porsche Panamera, a luxury sedan with the power of a true sports car. Enjoy a smooth drive while visiting the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples' premier museum showcasing one of the world’s finest collections of Greco-Roman artefacts. Among its impressive collection are the Toro Farnese and a muscle-bound Hercules, the strongest of all mortals.

And if you looking for an all-electric Porsche, the Porsche Taycan is the next on your bucket list. Its main assets: beautiful accelerations, sporty handling and very fast re-charging. Certainly worth a try.

Hire a Luxury car in Naples and get a taste of the city’s historical value and its contrasting modern life.

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