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La Dolce Vita

By Scott Jawns

When the sun caresses your face and the flower scented air brushes your hair, that’s amore. Drive down the Amalfi Coast on a fabulous sports car hire from Positano and fall in love with the beauty of the azure sea and the charm of the Italian southern coast.

Get a taste of southern Italy’s stunning coastal landscapes and colorful towns by taking a drive along the Amalfi Coast on the super sexy Koenigsegg Agera, the world’s first mega car and a member of the exclusive club of Guinness World record breaking production cars. Visit Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, the most beautiful villages in the south of Italy and discover the rich history of the area that lies within the many churches, monuments and monasteries.

There is nothing like a day of sightseeing to bring on an appetite and there is nothing better to satisfy it than a big plate of seafood spaghetti, marinated anchovies, mozzarella di bufala baked on lemon leaves, or grilled catch of the day dressed with oil, balsamic vinegar and mint accompanied by a glass of chilled white wine. Enjoy a laid-back summer lunch at shabby chic Da Adolfo restaurant.

Ready for siesta? Italians take their nap time seriously and everything is closed after lunch, so drive the 4 seater Maserati GranCabrio Sport to La Sirenuse, an 18th-century villa and one of the best hotels in Positano and take a well deserved, pasta-induced nap. In the afternoon, perhaps catch one of the outdoor concerts and performances, summer film festivals or art shows.

Hire a sports car in Positano and enjoy la dolce vita!

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