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Explore the upper town of Bergamo

By Scott Jawns

The distinctive Big Bell Tower in the Upper Town is a familiar part of the skyline. Centuries ago, it was a landmark for travellers on horseback riding to reach their home town.

Indulge your fantasies of driving an exclusive car. Sports car rental in Bergamo will give you the opportunity you are waiting for.

Explore the ancient streets of Bergamo in a cutting-edge Audi R8 Spyder. Beautifully elegant and superbly engineered, you will find this supercar to be an intoxicating driving experience. Named after a hot and dry wind in the Sirocco desert,our Maserati Ghibli will delight your senses. Unmistakeable class and top performance makes this vehicle a masterpiece to drive.

Walk along the Via Gombito which existed in the Roman era. See the Rocca Museum and the white marble Angelo Mai Civic Library. In front of the Palazzo della Ragione is a statue of the great poet Torquato Tasso. In Via Arena is iI Tempietto di Santa Croce, a small octagonal Romanesque chapel. Just off Via Rosales is the Palazzo Terzi, tucked away in a small square, it is described as 'the most beautiful corner of Italy' and must not be missed.

Join those that want to be noticed, hire a sports car in Bergamo for the ultimate show-off factor.

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