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A scenic coastal drive

By Ethan Hews

Before you head out of Positano, spend some time at La Moda Positano, where you can buy handmade products, embroidered and hand painted clothes as souvenirs. Driving out eastwards along the coast, you will be awed by the three huge watchtowers, Torre Fornillo, Trasita and della Sponda, erected as defence towers.

Continue through the quaint and spectacular villages of Praiano and Conca dei Marini where you can explore the stunning Grotta dello Smeraldo with awe-inspiring underground lakes and towering stalactites and stalagmites.

Continue to Amalfi with its lemon groves and unmissable Tower of Capo di Conca. Drive through Atrani, situated in the Dragon valley between steep rocks. With its little stairways, arches and squares, this coastal town has beautifully conserved ancient architecture.

When you get to Ravello, head for the Cathedral, Duomo. Founded in 1086, the entrance of the Arabic-inspired church features two bronze doors that picture the 54 scenes of Christ’s life. Be delighted at the sculpted white marble of the interior. Visitors can walk behind the altar to see a fragment of St. Thomas’ finger bone. Take part in the Ravello Festival, one of Italy's oldest festivals, established in 1953 in honour of Richard Wagner and continued as a celebration of local art and music.

Relax in the renowned gardens of Villa Cimbrone. This magnificent venue combines tradition, culture and beauty. It has been visited by many famous people including E.M. Forster, D.H. Lawrence and Winston Churchill. See the Statue of Mercury and the beautiful Terrace of Infinity high up on the cliffs. A night spent at the hotel here will make for a magical experience before heading back to Positano.

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