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Mountaineers must tackle the Gola Su Gorropu

By Ethan Hews

Sardinia's most spectacular gorge is flanked by limestone walls towering up 400m in height, this is a challenge for the fittest and bravest!

Focus on sensation, sports car rental in Sardinia is for the driver who thrives on a challenge.

If you can climb peaks, you can handle the pure dynamism and awesome power of the Koenigsegg Agera. Manufactured in Sweden, this mid-engined sports car offers unparalleled performance and amazing looks. With an elegant silhouette, our BMW Series 6 Coupé is the perfect coupé in every respect. Interior cabin comfort and supreme power make this an ideal holiday drive.

The stunning Gola Su Gorropu ranks among the most difficult sport climbing routes in the world. Towering limestone walls reach up to 400m in height. Climb up to the Hotel Supramonte, which is not a hotel at all, but a small niche suspended above the valley floor. If you are not brave, take the easy hiking trail and spot a golden eagle, swim in the small pools and explore the caves. Spend your night in a real hotel, the boutique Faro Capo Spartivento is set in a fully functioning lighthouse on Capo Spartivento, on the southern tip of Sardinia.

Hire a sports car in Sardinia and take the challenge of the climb.

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