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traditional portuguese food in Algarve

By Nicole Harris

The Portuguese love their meat, freshly caught seafood and the local pastry desserts will thrill your taste buds.

Hire a Porsche in Algarve and discover local delights to eat.

Our Porsche Panamera Turbo S is designed purely for driving pleasure. With space for four, this luxurious ride is ideal for a larger group. Our fabulous Porsche 918 Spyder heralds the future of the sports car. This distinctly Porsche hybrid will thrill those looking for something special.

Start your tasting with some local cheese or queijos. The most famous is Queijo Da Serra produced at Manteigaria Silva in the historic centre by the original owners. For a soulful soup, Caldo Verde must be eaten at Pateo de Alfama followed by a traditional Piri Piri chicken. Visit the ancient bakery Antiga Confeitaria de Belem, they have been making the same iconic custard tarts, Pasteis De Nata for 200 years. For something extra sweet, try Bola de Berlim. This doughnut-style treat with no hole in the middle has a jam filling and a powdered sugar icing topping.

Porsche rental in Algarve offers one-day, two-day and longer packages to suit your business or vacation needs.

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