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Are you brave enough to try a Francesinha

By Scott Jawns

Porto’s most famous sandwich is likely to give you a heart attack! But you cannot leave without at least one bite.

Hire a Porsche in Porto and create a buzz when you cruise around like a pop star.

Experience the adrenaline rush when you slip behind the wheel of the Porsche Cayenne GTS. Exclusive, elegant and sophisticated, the luxurious interior is an indication of what is to come when you rev up the engine. Or try our Porsche Boxster under your hands. This mid-engined, two-seater roadster epitomises the spirit of a top-down beauty. The power will inspire as people watch you cruise by.

The Francesinha, meaning little French girl, was invented by a Portuguese chef who lived in Paris in the 60s. This signature lunch time dish comprises two toasted bread slices filled with three types of meat, linguica, wet-cured ham and steak. These layers are covered in cheese, drenched in a secret tomato-beer sauce and served on a plate of french-fries. Wash it down with classic Porto Port Wine. Then sleep it off at the charming Casa do Conto boutique hotel, set in a spectacularly restored 19th century town house.

When driving an everyday car just doesn't cut it, Porsche rental in Porto is the option for you.

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