Rent 4x4 in Porto, Portugal

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Stroll around the historic city centre of Porto

By Brittany Nue

Don't only do Lisbon when you are in Portugal. Porto is a fabulously colourful town set above the Douro River. The historic centre is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Hire a 4x4 in Porto and add a classy touch to your trip.

When nothing less than the best will suffice, drive our premium Land Rover Discovery. This vehicle is ideal for both city and longer off-road drives. Travel first-class in the generous interior and love the drive. Alternatively, charm yourself and your passengers in the comfort of our Audi Q7. This full-size crossover SUV simply bursts with power and stamina.

The charming city of Porto is characterized by rough and rugged tumbling houses, baroque style churches and faded store fronts haphazardly piled on top of one another. Seemingly falling down the mountain, they tumble in a quirky crazy fashion. Stroll along the narrow winding streets, up and down the rickety staircases and you will become enchanted with the ambiance. Stop for a fresh seafood meal at the Restaurante Cafeina, set at the mouth of the river.

Porto SUV rental offers a no-fuss transport option with day, week and custom packages to suit your specific requirements.

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