Rent Bentley at Palma Airport

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Timeless elegance lasts forever

By Nicole Harris

From Palma Airport rent a Bentley and expect the highest levels of comfort combined with a high-performance ride. 

Drive a Bentely Continental GTC

The best way to enjoy the sun is to rent a Bentley GT Convertible, a sumptuous and capable open-top cruiser for four people. If you choose to keep the hood on, you will appreciate the most quiet ride as if you were driving the Bentley GT Coupe. 

Take the wheel of your Bentley GTC to travel the length of highway through the beautiful natural surrounds of Mallorca to arrive at Valldemossa village. 

This historic and utterly charming village is home to the Valldemossa Charterhouse, a highly ornate palace that was issued by King James II of Majorca for the benefit of his son, Sanç. In the following centuries the palace and all its royal possessions were transferred into the hands of the Carthusian monks. Hire the luxurious and elite Bentley Continental GT Convertible to see the ancient palace, that is today a museum, showcasing a captivating display of the Charterhouse heritage.

...Or a Bentley Bentayga SUV

Hire the Bentley Bentayga to drive a very fast and luxurious SUV, at the top of its class. This five-seater SUV carries the prestigious name of Bentley evident in its excellent driving performance and distinguished presence. The ideal rental choice if you are planning to travel with your family or with a group of friends. 

Drive to the Palau de la Almudaina, an islamic fort that converted into a residence for the Mallorcan monarchs at the close of the 13th century. Chosen for its cavernous stonewalled rooms they were lavishly decorated with detailed ceramics and tinted glass that until today creates an enchanting effect.

Royal and regal hire a Bentley from Palma Airport and drive with the air of a timeless class.

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