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Bentley drives, unbidden and unrequited

By Nicole Harris

Historically, Malaga built its reputation as a holiday destination for the wealthy. Dating back to the 19th century, Malaga was the seaside resort to visit during the long and cold winter months that blanketed the rest of Europe under frost and snow. Increasingly appreciated for its elegance and sophistication, the latest styles of fashion and epicurism were often found along the beach side promenades of Malaga. This year, make this holiday ritual your own, by hiring a Bentley in Malaga, after all it’s the traditions that we build over time, that give life its inherent flavour.

Rent the Bentley Continental GT Speed, available in the coupé and convertible. It is appreciated for the dark tint 21" alloy wheels, darkened grille and lights, lowered sports suspension and front bumper intakes that sparkle in the light. Yet this car ‘aint just skin deep, capable of going far and fast it is propelled forward by an 820 Nm engine and the 8 speed close ratio transmission. Prepare to be moved, buckle your seat belt.

The Mulsanne Speed, has all the grace and prestigious elegance of the Mulsanne, but in the Speed version it is the time between heartbeats that counts. Unbidden and unrequited, the Mulsanne Speed only knows its passion for the road. Once aboard this beautiful coupe visit the park on Calle Alameda, one of the oldest in Malaga, it dates back to this earlier period of when Malaga was first discovered as the ideal vacation destination. Today this botanical garden is a cacophony of colour, enjoyed for the mix of exotic species and bedazzling eye catchers. Since the early tourist days of Malaga, open concerts are held here every Sunday during the winter. Forming a wondrous kaleidoscope of sound and song.

Hire the Bentley in Malaga and keep tradition alive.

Bentley Rental in Malaga, Spain

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