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visit the roman forum at Cartagena

By Scott Jawns

Historians will be enthralled at the age-old Roman Forum at Cartagena. Visit and step back in time.

Bentley car rental in Murcia reflects your frame of mind, different and unique.

When the sheer exhilaration of open-top driving calls you, drive our Bentley Continental GT Convertible. Be spontaneous, be out-there, soothe or stir your soul, the choice is yours! For a rare driving experience, the peerless comfort, exquisite hand crafting and supreme power of our Bentley Mulsanne Speed will allow you time to reflect as you cruise to Cartagena.

Explore the district around the Roman Forum of Cartagena. See the ancient baths, the peristyle or columned courtyard, the atrium and many more remnants of an era thousands of years old. This archaeological treasure trove, which dates from at 209 BC, was unearthed by chance in the 1980s during works in the city. View an audiovisual presentation that explains the evolution of the Hill, from the initial Roman construction up to today. See the ancient thermal spas and the massive banqueting halls. Walk along the the Decumanus Maximus, a major road that crossed the city from East to West. End your day with dinner at the Michelin-starred La Marquesita.

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