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Take a drive to the city of Cartagena

By Scott Jawns

Cartagena's natural harbour has been used for thousands of years by maritime sailors. Visit this amazing city and immerse yourself in history.

When the need for speed is calling, sports car rental in Murcia is the only option.

Make Head Turn on your Arrival

Create a buzz when you drive into Cartagena in an eye-catching Porsche 911 (992) Carrera S Coupe. This hard-core Porsche 911 is made for a unique driver who is up to the challenge.

For a four-seater, open-top luxury ride, our Maserati GranCabrio stands supreme. Modern, sensual and passionate, it is waiting for a classy driver. For an awe-inspiring drive in Spain, nothing beats an attention-grabbing sports car.

As a third rental option, let us recommend you the iconic Ford Mustang Coupe or the convertible version. With indeniable presence, this American muscle car is fun to drive for all those who enjoy a true sporty ride. 

From Murcia to Cartagena

Stand on the battlements of the castle that overlook the city and you can literally see layer upon layer of history spread below you. Visit the wharf where Phoenician traders docked their ships and the street where Roman legionaries marched. Visit the plaza which once housed a mosque where Islamic Spaniards prayed to Allah. Take a drive to the hills that saw battles with the armies of the Christian Reconquista. Old factories rub shoulders with modern buildings and archaeologists still dig up long-buried artefacts. This is an enchanting historical venue for a day trip. 

For the ultimate this-is-me factor, hire a sports car in Murcia.

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