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Relax in Murcia, it is a quiet holiday venue

By Scott Jawns

When you visit Spain, take time out from the noise and bustle for a few days and visit Murcia. This laid-back city will enchant you.

Murcia SUV rental offers a superior holiday transport option for those who refuse to struggle with public transport.

Nothing but the Best

Be demanding and settle for nothing less than the best. With excellent fuel efficiency, safety features and luxurious comfort, the Jeep Wrangler is the ideal holiday vehicle for an adventure with friends. This four wheel drive vehicle loaded with tech and luxury offers the driver a commanding view of the road ahead. 

Experience Audi precision in the Audi Q7, a large SUV for seven. It offers a magnificent spacious vehicle with a panoramic tilting sunroof and a four-wheel drive. Exuding presence and power, performance and impressive versatility, a high-end Audi is the perfect vehicle to explore Murcia.

The Top SUV Car Brands for Hire

We carry an extensive line of luxury SUVs, among which we would like to recommend you the following models: 

The Mercedes GLE, a luxury midsize SUV that sits five people in high levels of comfort, is praised for its performance and agility. 

However, if you cannot do without a Porsche, then the best option is to rent a Porsche Cayenne. The Porsche SUV still retains the DNA of a Porsche and adds all the versatility and comfort of a luxury SUV. Enjoy the pleasure to drive an SUV that looks good. 

Last on our list but not least, is the BMW X5, a sporty SUV that can sit 5 or 7 people. Besides its athletic stance, the X5 is a premium SUV that provides a high-performance drive together with high levels of inner comfort. 

Explore Murcia with a luxury SUV

Drive your rented Porsche Cayenne around Murcia, a city full of history.

The city of Murcia was founded in 831 by Abd-Al-Rahman II in the Segura river valley. The remnants of Moorish influence can still be seen in the city wall. Later, Baroque style churches were built which are beautiful to look at. The city is quiet and calm. Stroll around the shops, visit the historical sites and walk through stunning pine forests. Then drive down to the coast, the sun shines all year round, and get that perfect tan on a secluded beach.

Hire a luxury 4x4 in Murcia and explore the city and the beautiful surrounding countryside.

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