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Have fun at the Murcia tres culturas festival

By Nicole Harris

Murcia hosts a fabulous Three Cultures International Festival once a year. Visit and experience different cultures and musical genres from around the world.

When you possess the power of knowing, luxury car rental in Murcia is the only acceptable self-drive option.

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Look picture perfect in our premium Ferrari 458 Speciale with its definitive stripe down the middle. Aerodynamic styling, low, sleek lines and unbridled engine power are waiting to be experienced.

If the Porsche word sends chills down your spine, drive our Porsche 911 GT3 for the pure thrill of it. Stunning top performance, pioneering technology and timeless elegance is certain to enchant driver and passengers.



Feel the Luxury of a Prestige Car

Rent a prestigious Bentley Continental GTC, a spacious convertible for four and enjoy a superb drive in Murcia unless you prefer to drive a beautiful Mercedes S-Class, offering superior comfort as well as effortless performance. 

The blending of three cultures, Jewish, Christian and Muslim come together in this fabulous spectacle together with a mix of other cultures. Treat yourself to gospel, Sephardic music, klezmer, flamenco, blues, sacred melodies, oriental rhythms, jazz and more. The May festival offers tradition from around the globe. Come and party in Murcia. Each year, a different country is honoured. bringing their unique ambiance to the festival. Stroll from venue to venue and soak up the atmosphere.

Rent a luxury vehicle in Murcia, it is a classy way to travel.

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