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By Scott Jawns

Find the best executive car at Europe Luxury Car Hire, we offer top executive hire cars all at the tip of your fingers, irrespective of your location in Switzerland. A prestige car hire in Zurich is simply a necessity for the successful professional or businessman. Our prestige car hire center, offer a professional service that guarantees a simple and easy process to get you the executive car of your choice, when you need it, and where you need it.

The Jaguar executive is available in the Jaguar XJ hire, a flagship luxury saloon from the Jaguar Marque, having been first launched in 1968. A much loved coupe, the concept of the car has since been rendered it numerous versions, to the current model that includes all modern technological capabilities, but still maintaining its regal frame and appearance.

The BMW executive is another viable option for the fast paced businessman. The BMW series 6 coupé offers top performance, luxury and style, this saloon is a neat and fashionable package that has it all. In these prestigious hire cars visit the University of Zurich, established in 1833, its buildings and courtyards provide a royal and majestic atmosphere that inspire one’s spirit of aspiration and ambition. The Audi executive is ideal for getting about town in Zurich.

Hire the Audi Q7, a luxury crossover SUV, that delivers both power and comfort to its passengers. The Range Rover Autobiography is another executive 4x4, it announces its presence with bold and significant stature. With all the power and more, that you would expect from a 4WD, this SUV, is perfect if arriving at Zurich international airport and have to make tracks to reach the nearby mountain ranges or off road destinations.

We’ve got every need covered for your next executive car hire in Zurich.

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