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A journey by water and land

By Scott Jawns

Known for centuries by artists, writers and poets, and in the most recent years by celebrities, entertainers and successful athletes, Lugano is an exceptional destination to relax, have fun and take in nature. Hire a Ferrari in Lugano and let your mind wander and your senses indulge.

Hire the Ferrari California, the most aerodynamic Ferrari ever made and the only Grand Tourer manufactured by Ferrari, with a folding metal roof, dual clutch transmission, front engined V8, and direct petrol injection, and head to the foot of the lake. Park your Ferrari near the shore while you enjoy some scuba diving, windsurfing, rowing, fishing or wakeboarding.

Dry land is more of your thing? Lugano has some amazing hikes. The Tamaro-Lema hike between Ticino and Italy is one of the most beautiful hikes in the whole pre-alpine region with amazing panoramic views. Or drive to Monte Tamaro on your limited edition Ferrari 458 Italia Oakley Design and get on the flying Fox, Switzerland’s longest zip line. With an upgraded front spoiler lip, a light-weight rear diffuser, an all-new rear spoiler, roof cover, mirrors and engine covers all made of carbon fiber, this fine-tuned Oakley edition Ferrari has an even faster acceleration, improved weight and fantastic looks that together with the flying fox’ thrilling 400-metre-plus downhill flight, will get your adrenaline pumping.

The Ferrari is a true unforgettable ride. Make your vacation just as unforgettable by renting a Ferrari in Lugano.

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