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By Brittany Nue

Zurich is a city that continues to surprise. Generally taken as a quiet, old wealth and old world city, it has a dark wild side beneath the surface. In the underground realms of this city, there is a bold and avant-garde nightlife.

For an experience to last a lifetime, rent a Ferrari in Zurich, to explore the rampant rebel within.

A Classic Ferrari

The Ferrari Enzo rental is an old time favourite, testament to Ferrari's legacy of technological achievements transferred from the tracks to the urban road.

In limited edition of just 400, they set the automotive world ablaze for its advanced composite bodywork and V12 engine producing 660hp.

Incredible Power and Revs

The Ferrari F12Berlinetta hire is the iconic car that boldly wears the badge of the prancing horse. Composed of 12 cylinders, it is declared by Ferrari to be their most powerful and high performance supercar of the product range.

Engineered to have a direct-injection 6262 cc 65° the V12 delivers unprecedented performance in both power and revs.

Drive a Ferrari Berlinetta

The Ferrari F430 was the Avant garde model of a whole new generation of Ferrari V8-engined berlinettas. The main innovations are the electronic differential (E-Diff) that maximizes the engine's torque to optimize traction and the Manettino, the steering wheel-mounted commutator switch that governs the control systems for vehicle dynamics.

Spin off in your Zurich Ferrari Hire, a dare-devilish car well suited to the wild nightclubs and red light districts of downtown Zurich.







Frequent Questions

How do I rent a Ferrari in Zurich?

Rent a Car Zurich Ferrari Service offers two easy options to book an exclusive car. Select the model you want on our website, complete the Get a Quote Form and a consultant will call you back. If you prefer, call us directly. We will update you on all you need to know regarding the price of the vehicle, the documents we need and the contract to be signed. Tell us where you would like to take delivery and we will be there.

How much does it cost to rent a Ferrari in Zurich?

Add a touch of pizazz to your trip and rent a shiny red Ferrari California, it will cost you around 850 Euros per day. Also in the show-off zone is the stunning Ferrari 458 Italia. With race-track speeds and seductive lines, it has a daily cost of around 950 Euros.

We also recommend the magnificent Ferrari 488 GTB, experience it for yourself at a daily cost of around 1000 Euros.

If you are travelling with a family, the magnificent four seater Ferrari GTC4Lusso will give you and your passengers a new outlook on life This beauty costs around 1200 Euros per day.

Join the trend setters in a stunning Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, a front mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive grand tourer, ideal for creating a buzz when you arrive outside your hotel. It costs more or less 1500 Euros per day.

For the ultimate race track experience off the race track – go all out and drive the spine tingling LaFerrari. This supercar is the pinnacle of Ferrari craftsmanship and costs around 13000 Euros per day.

Where can I rent a Ferrari in Zurich?

Our exclusive Car Rental Ferrari Zurich Service makes it exceptionally easy to rent a stunning model. We will deliver the car to any location in Zurich that you choose. Arrange to have your car delivered to the airport, your 5-star hotel, ski villa or luxury resort. We will meet you wherever it is most convenient.  

Ferrari Rental in Zurich, Switzerland

Ferrari 458 Italia Oakley Design

Limited AvailabilityRent Ferrari 458 Italia Oakley Design in Zurich

Rent the limited edition Ferrari 458 Italia Oakley Design to discover how perfection can become slightly better

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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Rent Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Zurich

A rare chance to drive the new fast and powerful Ferrari F12 Berlinetta supercar – hire yours today

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Ferrari GTC4Lusso

New ArrivalRent Ferrari GTC4Lusso in Zurich

Experience a host of new emotions with a Ferrari GTC4Lusso combining innovation, elegance and performance

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Ferrari 458 Speciale

Limited AvailabilityRent Ferrari 458 Speciale in Zurich

Experience a high performance V8 ever built by Ferrari. The Ferrari 458 Speciale is a super sports car for the best driving experience

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Ferrari 360 Spider Cabrio

Limited AvailabilityRent Ferrari 360 Spider Cabrio in Zurich

Rent a Ferrari 360 Spider Cabrio to drive the cabrio version of a supercar considered as a modern engineering marvel

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Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Rent Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in Zurich

Hire a 2-door 4-seater Ferrari 612 Scaglietti to drive an impressive high performance Grand Tourer

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Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Rent Ferrari 458 Italia Spider in Zurich

Hire a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider with a mighty 4.5L V8 engine for an unbeatable convertible driving experience

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Ferrari 488 GTB

Rent Ferrari 488 GTB in Zurich

Comprised of 3902 cc and a V8 turbo engine, relentless power now comes in the form of the Ferrari 488 GTB

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Ferrari California

Special Offers AvailableRent Ferrari California in Zurich

The most aerodynamic Ferrari ever made, Rent a Ferrari California for a truly unique and exotic drive in a hard-top 4-seater cabrio

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Ferrari California Turbo

Rent Ferrari California Turbo in Zurich

In the perfect synthesis of innovation and technology take a ride in the Ferrari California T rental

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Rent LaFerrari in Zurich

The LaFerrari rental is a Berlinetta combining the speed and excitement of F1 driving with high level of control and stability

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Ferrari FF

Rent Ferrari FF in Zurich

Extreme high performance and luxurious comfort make the Ferrari FF a top grand tourer so rent yours in Zurich today

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Ferrari 488 Spider

New ArrivalRent Ferrari 488 Spider in Zurich

Hire an awesome open-top Ferrari 488 Spider for an incredible high-performance V8 supercar

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Ferrari F430 Spider or Coupé

Rent Ferrari F430 Spider or Coupé in Zurich

A Ferrari F430 rental is available in spider and coupé styles. As a cabrio or a Berlinetta, this 2-seat supercar will amaze you

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Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Rent Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano in Zurich

Rent a Ferrari 599 GTB - one of the fastest, most perfectly balanced and capable sports cars ever made

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Ferrari 458 Italia

Rent Ferrari 458 Italia in Zurich

Hire a Ferrari 458 Italia to dabble with Formula-1-based technologies in a beautiful and prestigious 2-seat Italian berlinetta

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