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The love of Style and Performance

By Nicole Harris

Rent the BMW in Zurich for an inspiring, if not perfect driving experience. In this wealthy and beautiful city there are so many destinations to drive your BMW hire; Lindenhof, one of Zurich’s prettiest squares, is almost entirely shaded by Linden trees, take a cruise along the side of Lake Zurich, the scenic drive offers a calming view of the city by the water front or perhaps the iconic Hauptbahnhof railway station, an architectural masterpiece and a busy juncture, perfect for people watching. We’ve got the journey covered, you pick the Zurich BMW rental. … And the range is superb.

Pure driving pleasure

The BMW Z4 Roadster hire captivates the beholder with every detail and line. With its highly aesthetic design it delivers on power and performance, being the very expression of pure driving pleasure. It has the exterior design of the roadster and yet the interior provides an added element of elegance and functionality in the unique counterface of the materials and controls.

The BMW 7 Series, comfort and power

The BMW 7 Series Sedan rental, is a preferred choice for many due to its high performance capabilities and less fuel consumption. The contradictory and yet successful synthesis of these aspects, in a singular car, is a result of the highly efficient TwinPower Turbo engines, state-of-the-art hybrid technologies and the systematic interlinking of BMW EfficientDynamics and BMW ConnectedDrive systems. But that’s just the mechanics, the luxurious comfort of the 7 series rental offers plenty of scope to meet the highest of aspirations. The Bang & Olufsen high-end surround sound system, makes you feel before the world’s best concert halls.

Up for the challenge

The BMW M5, is a sedan to tackle the greatest of challenges, as its strength comes from the calm within. Its strength is sourced from its aerodynamic design of the exterior and the strong functional capabilities of the mechanical engineering. Form and Function, go hand in hand at BMW, and this is no less expressed in the M5.

Frequent Questions

Where can I rent a BMW in Zurich?

Renting a luxury car with BMW Car Rental Zurich Service gives you the option to specify your delivery point. We will fit in with your itinerary. You can arrange for our Meet and Greet Team to be waiting at the Airport. We can meet you at your luxury villa, boutique hotel or holiday resort. Simply tell us where you will be. Our exclusive service is designed to make car rental a pleasant and hassle-free experience.

What is the cost to rent a BMW in Zurich?

For a fun, top-down drive at a very attractive price, you cannot miss out on the fabulous BMW Z4 Roadster. This two-seater will cost you around 230 Euros per day.

For a family trip, we recommend the superbly comfortable BMW X5 at a daily cost of 295 Euros. Also ideal for a family at a slightly lower price, is the BMW 5 Series Saloon. This stunning model costs about 280 Euros per day.

If you haven’t yet experienced the Series 7 range, take this opportunity and drive the luxurious BMW 7 Series. It has a daily cost of about 330 Euros. In the classy and elegant 6 Series range, we offer the stylish BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, starting at a daily cost of around 295 Euros.

For a thrilling drive in an exotic supercar, rent the stunning BMW i8 at a cost of about 600 Euros per day. You will love the show-off factor and blistering speed!

Please check with our consultants, prices do vary depending on the time of the year you choose to rent.  

BMW Rental in Zurich, Switzerland

BMW M4 Cabrio

Rent BMW M4 Cabrio in Zurich

Go the distance that no-one you know has ever gone before by hiring the eyebrow raising BMW M4 Cabrio

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BMW M6 Cabriolet

Rent BMW M6 Cabriolet in Zurich

Hire a BMW M6 Cabrio to enjoy the most desirable 6-series model and drive around europe with a luxury and elegant cabrio

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BMW 6 Series Convertible

Rent BMW 6 Series Convertible in Zurich

Hire a BMW 6 Series Convertible for a stylish open-top grand-tourer with a twin-turbo V6 engine and luxurious comfort for four

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Rent BMW X5 in Zurich

Rent a BMW X5 to enjoy a powerful SUV with high off-road abilities

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Rent BMW X4 in Zurich

For your next business trip or family holiday, rent a BMW X4 which provides comfort and power

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BMW 4 Series Convertible

Special Offers AvailableRent BMW 4 Series Convertible in Zurich

Hire a BMW 4 Series Convertible to drive a fantastic open-top sports car with stunning good looks and seating for four

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BMW 2 Series Cabriolet

New ArrivalRent BMW 2 Series Cabriolet in Zurich

Drive the BMW 2 Series Convertible for an ultimate driving comfort and elegance with the power of a race car

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BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

Rent BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe in Zurich

For top performance, luxury and style, rent the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe and drive a world-class grand touring 2-door Coupé

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BMW 5 Series Saloon

Rent BMW 5 Series Saloon in Zurich

A class leader, the BMW 5 Series Saloon rental sets the benchmark that all executive cars need to aim towards

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BMW M4 Coupe

Rent BMW M4 Coupe in Zurich

Rent the BMW M4 Coupe and seize the opportunity to drive the dynamic M4 with its powerful engine and razor sharp handling

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Rent BMW X6 in Zurich

The worlds first Sports Activity Coupé, the BMW X6 is what happens when a four-wheel drive SUV meets a luxury coupe design

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BMW 1 Series Coupé

Rent BMW 1 Series Coupé in Zurich

BMW 1 Series rentals are affordable, fuel efficient and popular, while retaining BMW's luxury, comfort and performance

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Rent BMW M5 in Zurich

Rent a BMW M5 super-sedan for the ultimate high-performance executive car

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BMW 7 Series

Rent BMW 7 Series in Zurich

Utilising cutting edge technology and innovative design, a BMW 7 Series rental is the ultimate executive car

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BMW 3 Series M3

Rent BMW 3 Series M3 in Zurich

A BMW M3 rental is the high-performance luxury version of the 3 Series, BMW's best-selling vehicle and a very popular choice

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BMW i8

Limited AvailabilityRent BMW i8 in Zurich

Hire a BMW i8 to experience the future of sports car engineering with a powerful hybrid supercar

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BMW 2 Series

New ArrivalRent BMW 2 Series in Zurich

Rent this sporty coupé for its top performance and perfect design. The BMW 2 Series Coupé will make you wild and dynamic

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Rent BMW X3 in Zurich

Hire a BMW X3 to drive the ultimate mid-sized 4x4 SUV

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BMW M3 Cabriolet

Rent BMW M3 Cabriolet in Zurich

Hire a BMW M3 Cabriolet to experience the luxury, sporty version of the compact executive BMW M3

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BMW 1 Series Cabriolet

Rent BMW 1 Series Cabriolet in Zurich

Rent a BMW 1 Series cabrio to enjoy a smaller, lighter, and more affordable BMW than the 3 Series

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BMW Z4 Roadster

Special Offers AvailableRent BMW Z4 Roadster in Zurich

Enjoy the best of open-top driving in a stylish two-seat convertible sports car when you rent a BMW Z4 roadster

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Rent BMW X5 M in Zurich

Enjoy high performance adventures on and off-road when hiring a BMW X5 M, powered by a twin-turbo 4.4L V8 engine

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