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By Scott Jawns

Rolls-Royce is the exclusive coupe for the elite passenger. Designed as a chauffeur driven car, a chauffeur can be organised when renting your Rolls-Royce in Zurich from Europe Luxury Car Hire. However, despite the emphasis on luxury in the passenger section, don’t think for a moment that the RR car rental is anything less than a pleasure to drive.

Acquaint yourself with the Phantom family. Members include the Phantom, the genuine authority, it is the modern interpretation for what still remains to be a classic luxury vehicle. The Phantom Extended Wheelbase, offers additional space and a remarkable presence on the road. The Phantom Drophead Coupe, inspired by the J-class yachts of the 1930’s, it continues the legacy of luxury convertibles. Lastly, the Phantom Coupe, the driver oriented version of the Phantom, it offers nothing less than true driving pleasure.

Rent a Rolls Royce Phantom to experience the European culture and wealth of Zurich, Kunsthaus Art Gallery, has a major collection of international and Swiss art, among them many of Switzerland’s artists from the 18th-19th century such as Füssli, Hodler and Böcklin to name only a few. The Ghost Series whilst perhaps lesser known, embraces everything true and unique about Rolls Royce. Both the Ghost Series II and the Ghost Series II Extended Wheelbase embody advanced engineering combined with a luxurious drive. Stir the ghost, to embrace one’s sense of vitality.

Despite the sophistication of the luxury car, the Rolls Royce hire in Zurich is easy to organise, contact our friendly and discreet customer service team and they should be able to accommodate any particular needs that you may have.

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