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Zurich Is Capital

By Scott Jawns

A center for business and finance, if you are travelling to Zurich make sure to kick things off to a great start when you hire a Zurich Exotic Car rental. Choose from between the Maserati GranCabrio Sport for a chance to drive a remarkably sleek and smooth coupé convertible or the Mercedes SLS Roadster for high performance open top driving at its best. Our selection of luxury rental cars is at the top of the automotive industry’s list.

From Zurich Airport (ZRH) have the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider or the BMW Z4 roadster delivered to you as you step out of the terminal. In either of these high performance vehicles makes tracks as you speed along the highways in to Zurich’s vibrant and bustling Central Business District. Known more locally as “Kreis 1” Zurich’s city extends from Bürkliplatz on the left and right banks of the Limmat River, through the chic Bahnhofstrasse and encompasses Zurich Central Station. Within these confines bankers and business people of every caliber, industry and specialty rub elbows, share drinks and swap insider news.

Rent the Mercedes SLS Roadster, an exotic car heaped with advanced features for a drive through Paradeplatz, a commercial center of Zurich where much of the city’s activities take place. On the same boulevards that businessmen and women strut from one meeting to the next, shoppers and tourists casually mill from one shop to the next. Hailing from all around the world, they take the unique chance to buy quality clothing, accessories and furniture that is all on the frontier of fashion. Zurich continues to be one of the world’s most important financial centers with more than a third of all banks in Switzerland have their headquarters within this narrow strip of the Zurich Economic Zone.

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