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Take part in the fabulous Lemon festival in Menton

By Scott Jawns

Nicknamed the 'Cité des Citrons', City of Lemons, every year, the city of Menton celebrates this local product. Take part in this fun event.

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Since the 15th century, Menton has been a major producer of lemons, today it is one of the biggest on the continent. This festival, started in 1929, is unique in the world, featuring giant designs made from citrus orange and lemon fruits. Love the massive floats as they make their way through the streets. See the fabulous exhibitions at the Palais de l'Europe, discover the arts and craft fair at the Salon de l'Artisanat, which features jams, jellies, liqueur and perfumes. The festival attracts over 250 000 visitors annually, you cannot miss it!

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