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Wander around the old town of Menton

By Nicole Harris

The old town of Menton is a glorious cascade of stone buildings, dappled in sunlight. Rent a cabriolet and visit.

Hire a convertible in Menton and explore the Old Town.

Create a defining moment in a stunning car! Our Mercedes SLS Roadster offers a luxurious two-seater driving experience, with low, sleek slim lines, magnificent style and epic power. Drive our Bentley Continental GTC, the quintessential soft-top grand tourer. Delight in the enchantment of pure luxury open-top motoring, perfect for a group of four.

The old town of Menton, Vieille Ville, is a picture-perfect cascade of ancient stone buildings. Shafts of sunlight reveal jumbled dwellings in muted shades of ochre, pink and gold. Stroll around and soak up the atmosphere. Have an early lunch at the Mirazur Restaurant. All enclosed in glass, the restaurant is perched on the hillside with breathtaking views of the ocean and town below. Then take a stroll through the Historic Centre Cimetiere du Vieux Chateau. Visit the Italianate Basilique St Michel Archange. This beautiful structure is known for its 35m tall clock tower and 53m tall steeple.

Set yourself apart from the crowd, convertible vehicle rental in Menton is waiting for you.

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