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Live life, escape the mundane

By Nicole Harris

Travel the length and depth of the Provence and the Côte d'Azur region of southern France with a luxury car rental. The scenic landscapes, world-class modern art, sapphire blue seas, sensational food and fascinating heritage necessitate the exceptional experience that a luxury car affords its driver across this stunning region.

Rent the Mini Cooper S or convertible an icon of the young, fun and trendy, easy to drive and a breeze to park it may well be the perfect solution for the crowded streets of Marseille. The most populated city in the region, the locals just refuse to stay home, preferring to soak up all the buzzing atmosphere of its shops, high quality restaurants and fantastic culture all sprawled out on the streets.

In the elite and exclusive Rolls-Royce Phantom rental make your destination the glittery playgrounds of the world’s rich and famous in the Principality of Monaco. Sun drenched almost all the time, the pretty parks and gardens are laid out in a manicured design throughout the city. There are luxurious boutiques showcasing only the latest fashions, palatial luxury hotels, and highly chic restaurants. Not to mention the cultural and sports centers fitted out to perfection. The Rolls-Royce Phantom at last is home!

Hire the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti an impressive high performance grand tourer, this car may have great looks, but it’s all personality under the bonnet. From your luxury hotel in Antibes explore the quiet calm of excellent restaurants, piano bars, chic hotels, theaters and private clubs. The ideal oasis of calm, a stark contrast to the neighbourly town of Juan les Pins. Wild, exotic and mastering in excitement, this town’s nightlife will have you rubbing shoulders with the world’s most adventurous souls.

Hire a luxury car in Provence for wherever you go and with whatever you drive, you’ll always escape the mundane.

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