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Cannes at dawn has secrets to tell

By Ethan Hews

Hire a supercar in Provence to make your stay in Cannes truly sparkle. Beautiful to infinite degrees, what was a short time ago a humble fishing town is today the frequent spotlight of the paparazzi scooping shots of the world’s most loved and famous on the sandy white beaches, and in the hyper stylish clubs and cafes. There is only one way to join this elite caliber of social class with any grain of success and that of course is with a supercar hire.

Rent the Jaguar XJ a flagship luxury saloon, its classical elegance makes it ideal for Cannes with a chauffeur service. Climb through Mont Chevalier up to Suquet the to reach Haute Ville, the city on high. The panoramic view at the pinnacle of Cannes skirted by the cobalt blue sea makes the journey well worth the effort. Follow the path back down the hill through the charming narrow streets that pass by the market of Forville and the picturesque tree lined lanes of Liberté before returning back to the shore line.

In the most unique and exotic Ferrari drive the hardtop 4 seater California cabrio along Rue Meynadier for the love of shopping, the spirited atmosphere along the strip keeps this place abuzz from morning to night. In the outstandingly modern SSC Ultimate Aero, this bespoke car is rare, limited and incredibly difficult to get behind its wheel. Yet, available in our supercar hire range, claim this privileged opportunity for yourself on a drive through Vieux Port, the old port town of Cannes. Whilst sipping wine on a cafe terrace, watch the most beautiful yachts in the world come into moor.

The breeze at dawn in Cannes has secrets to tell. Hire a Supercar from Provence to uncover them all.

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