Rent Luxury Cars in Bonn

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Rent Luxury Cars in Bonn

By Nicole Harris

Hire a luxury car in Bonn, a city that was once the capital of Germany, and today remains a creative, cosmopolitan city and aninternationally renowned centre of commerce and culture. Lying on the River Rhine, 20 km south of Cologne in the North-Rhine Westphalia region of Germany, Bonn enjoys vibrant street culture with an acclaimed arts and theatre scene and is still regarded as Germany’s ‘second capital’.

Bonn is a popular city for large-scale exhibitions and conferences as well as home to numerous UN organisations and non-governmental organisations, and our luxury car and VIP concierge services are ideal whether you are visiting Bonn for business or for pleasure.  Bonnis a perfectly located base for day trips to Cologne, Düsseldorf, the romantic Rhine and the Eifel region, so collect your luxury car at Cologne-Bonn International Airport, or from any location in the city and enjoy your visit in true comfort and style.

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