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A lovely day trip to Mainz

By Ethan Hews

Allow our fabulous Meet and Greet Service to hand you the keys at Frankfurt Airport to a Luxury Van for your day trip to Mainz. Head out in style, westwards for a fun day of discovery.

As you approach Mainz, you will be awed by the main focal point, the famous Dom, the Cathedral of St Martin and St Stephan. As you get close you will discover the local farmer’s market where you can buy traditional home-made treats. Visit the Christuskirche, an example of Italian renaissance on the Rhine. The City Hall was built by Danish architects in the 1970s using tons of Swedish marble for the façade. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Rhine promenade and river from here.

Cross over the Theodor Heuss Rhine Bridge between Mainz and Mainz-Kastel. It was destroyed in World War II and rebuilt in the early 1950s. The bridge is over a kilometre long and spectacular pictures are called for.

Historians will be thrilled to know that Mainz is the home of Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the moveable type printing press. Visit the Gutenberg Museum to see reconstructions of the old print shops.

Relax in the Schillerplatz, a beautiful, leafy square in central Mainz which has a fun fountain said to represent the jesters of Mainz Fastnacht Carnival celebrations. Stroll around and stop for a taste of Spundekäse, a local cream cheese whipped with cream into a soft paste, served with pretzels and raw onion. This mild taste goes well with a local beer.

Spend a luxurious night in the 5 star Hyatt Regency Mainz Hotel, situated on the river. Enjoy the spectacular views before heading back to Frankfurt.

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