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Heidelberg, a top travel destination

By Ethan Hews

The beautiful city of Heidelberg nestles in the Neckar river valley, where the legend-rich Forest of Odes meet the plains of the Rhine Valley.

This stunning city makes a perfect day getaway in your Luxury Van. Collect your keys in Frankfurt and set off south along the dramatic Bergstrasse, or Mountain Road.

When you arrive, head for the Altstadt, the historic city centre and stroll down Hauptstraße. It is the longest pedestrian shopping street in Germany. Drive down the Philosophenweg on the northern side of the city, it offers wonderful views. See the famous Merian Stich engraving which is a classic depiction of Heidelberg.

Visit the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, the oldest university in Germany and then set off for some history at the romantic Heidelberg Castle, located 80m up the northern side of the Kӧnigstuhl hill. Be sure to visit the Heiliggeistkirche Church, it served as a shelter for the Bibliotheca Palatina, Germanys’ oldest library during the dark ages.

Escape the hustle and bustle of downtown and visit Kӧnigstuhl-Mountain, 450m above Heidelberg and 568m high. You will delight in the spectacular views over Heidelberg and the Rhine Valley and in good weather conditions, the Northern Black Forest can be seen. Take a ride in the fun ancient wooden funicular train to the castle, or if you feel more energetic, climb the 1200 steps.

Then pick up some local Brezeln, pretzels, and a few beer and relax on the banks of the river at Neckarwiese. Chat to the locals and watch the fabulous sun sets.

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