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Marvel at the stunning mosaics of Monreale

By Scott Jawns

Do you aspire to Norman-Arabian architecture? The Cathedral of Monreale is one of the best examples in the world.

Hire an Aston Martin in Sicily and take a trip to this iconic landmark.

Add some pizazz to your holiday. An exclusive open-top, two-door Aston Martin Vanquish Volante is the perfect way to travel. Representing the height of engineering, design, technology and craftsmanship, driving this car will be totally uplifting experience. Feel the power of opulence under your fingertips when you slip behind the wheel of an Aston Martin Rapide S. This magnificent four-door sports car is a steamy drive for a hot Mediterranean island.

Before entering the stunning Cathedral of Monreale, stop and reflect at the nearby Enoteca, a small bistro serving traditional Sicilian dishes and wines. The interior of the Cathedral, almost 6500m big, is a classic example of Norman-Arabian architecture. Marvel at the enormous mosaic of Christ as he embraces visitors with outstretched arms and his severe gaze that looks straight into your eyes. The interior is adorned with dazzling mosaics in bright colours on a gold background, depicting biblical and everyday life scenes.

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