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Tempt your taste buds with Sicilian food

By Nicole Harris

Sicily is famous for an exotic mix of foods. Mediterranean, Arabian, North Africa, Italian and Greek blend into a taste experience that will have food lovers swooning for more.

Be independent and stylish. Prestige car rental in Sicily enhances your stay in this idyllic Italian island.

With five terrain driving modes, our high-end SUV, the Range Rover Sport HSE, will handle any road you take. With endless roads winding around this stunning island, Sicily calls for a vehicle that can do the distance. Make your vision of driving a prestige vehicle become reality. The Bentley Mulsanne is the flagship vehicle of the Bentley range, the ultimate expression of luxury and performance.

Cool off on the hot sunny beaches with a refreshing lemon granita ice drink. Try home made pasta smothered in eggplant and olive oil. Wonderful home baked breads are topped with local cheeses. Try Arancini, rice balls stuffed with cheese and meat. Every town offers delectable platters of freshly caught seafood. Taste some Panelle, fried chickpea polenta and wash it all down with the local Marsala wine. For dessert, order cannoli, tubular pastries stuffed with sweet ricotta. Buon appetito!

Show your taste in premium cars, rent an executive vehicle in Sicily.

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