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Travel the course of history

By Ethan Hews

Malaga located on the warmth of the Mediterranean sea banks, has a history that spans over 2,800 years. A cradle of civilization, it is home to one of the oldest cities in the world. First founded by the Phoenicians as ‘Malaka’ about 770 BC, it came under the hegemony of Ancient Carthage during the 6th century BC. From 218 BC it became known in the Latin as “Malaca” as a dominion of the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire. However, with the demise of Rome, Islamic domination, under the Moors ruled what was termed “Mālaqah” (مالقة) for the most part of that millennia, yet by 1487 it came under Christian rule in the Spanish Reconquista. Discover the varied and fascinating history that colours the Province of Malaga, rent an Aston Martin to travel the course of history.

From Malaga Airport have the Vanquish Volante delivered to you, the moment you walk out of the terminal. Alternatively, you can request our VIP service and have the Aston Martin hire of your choice delivered to you anywhere during your stay in this exotic city. The Vanquish Volante offers a sensual experience, bringing emotion to the forefront in a riveting drive. Visit the historic center of Malaga, in which the crown piece is the La Alcazaba fortress, dating back to 1065, it offers a fascinating insight into the Moorish rule.

Consider the Aston Martin Carbon Editions, available in the Vanquish Carbon Edition and the DB9 Carbon Edition, made with lightweight carbon fibres, these cars are the refined product of technological enhancement, surpassing their predecessors in speed and dynamic handling. In the DB9 visit the Moorish castle, still standing in the city’s center, converted into a traditional parador (state hotel) the interior has been well maintain and restored over the centuries.

In the home city of the classic poet Solomon Ibn Gabirol and famed artist Pablo Picasso, hire an Aston Martin in Malaga to view the “open museum”, that is this city’s center.

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