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Life is short, live it well

By Scott Jawns

Hire a luxury SUV from Malaga and enjoy all the thrilling adventure that comes from racing through rough terrain in a strong and robust 4x4. The Malaga Province is liberally spotted with a mix of charming pueblos blancos- “white towns” that are rich in their history, folklore and culture.

Soak up the Mediterranean sunshine, eat the variety of local cuisine, discover the history deep within the old city walls and walk through the cavernous escarpments and gorges. A tour across Andalucia, has it all.

From Malaga to Ronda

Rent the Mercedes GLE, as a full size SUV, it is the superior choice for a family road trip. From Malaga, discover the historical wonder that is the town of Ronda. The old town casts a spell of enchantment for all those who get the rare opportunity to walk through it. As a destination well off the beaten track, it is omitted by the many hordes of tourists passing through the famous Costa del Sol region. Yet the old city, has been beautifully maintained, possessing much of its charm through the course of ages now long gone.. 

Drive a Jeep Wrangler

Hire either the Jeep Wrangler for its robust power and state of the art facilities, it will have you crossing the rugged distances in an energetic spirit of adventure. Alternatively the Range Rover Sport, is for those who enjoy the delicate slip of luxury in amidst an off road adventure. Hire either of these two 4WDs from Malaga to discover the remote villages along the Costa del Sol. Estepona retains an away-from-it-all charm, perched on the banks of the Mediterranean sea bed. Enjoy a meal out on the terracotta balcony of a restaurant with a serving of tapas with a glass of rich red wine.

Life is short enough as it is, hire a luxury 4x4 from Malaga, to make sure you live it well. 

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