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Live every way you can

By Nicole Harris

“The best things in life are free, but the second best are very expensive” in the wise words of Coco Chanel, this is resoundingly true in the beautiful city of Malaga. Enjoying the sunshine and the warm waft of a Mediterranean breeze, strolling down the palm tree lined promenades whilst holding hands with your loved one, are all some of the best things to do in Malaga. The next best things are staying at exclusive luxurious hotels, eating the best that Mediterranean cuisine has to offer, shopping for art in the likes of Pablo Picasso and of course driving the perfect luxury car hire in Malaga to get around and do it all.

Drive a Range Rover

Rent the Range Rover HSE to travel the scope and breadth of the Costa del Sol of Andalucia. This stretch of highway enjoys a privileged geographical position, as the coastal plains are protected from the North winds by the mountains. The effect being higher than average temperatures in Spain and a continues splurge of sunshine for the greater part of a year. Along the rugged eastern side, you can view the rocky projections of land that penetrate into the sea. Reckless and wild, watch the waves crashing against the rock, bring the simple joys of a book and a bottle of red, as the vivacious spirit of nature plays out before you, it is the perfect way to be alone.

Bentley or Ferrari?

In all the spirit of luxurious flair hire the Bentley Continental GT for its regal and aristocratic presence or the Ferrari 488 GTB for a moment of adventure and extreme fun. These luxury cars do not go by unnoticed, make sure the glamour of the destination matches that of the car. In the Bentley GT visit the Malaga Cathedral or the Picasso museum to enjoy the grandeur of the height of artistic expression. In the Ferrari 488 GTB, make your destination, nearby Marbella for all the razzle dazzle to be found within the playyard of the world’s rich and famous.

Hire a luxury car in Malaga: Live big, or live small, but make sure you live it all.

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