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Foodies must sample Pintxos in Bilbao

By Scott Jawns

The Basque region is famous for its Pintxos, not to be confused with Tapas! Come and taste and learn about this traditional social food.

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Thrill your Senses

Pintxos or Pinchos are small snacks served on bread and are usually skewered on a spike or toothpick, hence the name which means spike in Spanish. They are found in bars around the Basque area, where they add ambiance to social occasions and are regarded as the cornerstone of local culture. Taste Pork Belly with Green Pepper Pinchos or some Quince, Ham and Blue Cheese if you prefer not to eat meat. For a fishy version, order Gambas al Ajillo Pincho, shrimp with garlic oil, for something really delicious!

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