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Serendipitous Mallorca

By Brittany Nue

Located in the lap of the Mediterranean sea, visit Mallorca for the wondrous experience that is to be had there. Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands archipelago and is ripe and ready for the millions of tourist who grace its shorelines every year.

The visitors come from all corners of the globe, to discover the historical remains still clouded in mystery, to stroll along the pristine beaches and hike into the depths of nature where the lush greenery meets rivers and lakes forming a picturesque landscape.

That’s enough of me telling you all of this, rent a Prestige car from Palma Airport to experience it all for yourself.

Porsche Executive Drive

For the moment of serendipity hire the executive Porsche Panamera, a four-seat sports sedan. You will most enjoy its agile character and smooth ride as well as its lavish interior including a generous rear-seat space. The Panamera also features a large trunk enabling to load a sufficient amount of luggage.

Let us also recommend you the all-electric Porsche Taycan, a luxurious 4 door all-wheel drive sedan that will amaze you with is strong accelerations and precise handling. The Taycan is a true sports sedan in all aspects and is powered by two efficient electric motors that can be re-charged at 80% in about 22 minutes. Enjoy a very quiet drive, save the fuel and protect the environment for emissions, it’s the perfect way to ride in luxury, completely guilt free.


Absolute Prestige

Let the moment of prestige roll over the roads as you drive the exclusive and high-class Bentley Continental GT rental, admired and appreciated as the leading executive saloon. This imposing Bentley GT drives very fast and its handcrafted interior is plush and very spacious. With a Bentley Continental GT rental, you will treat your passengers with the highest levels of comfort. Also on offer, a Bentley Continental GTC rental will reward you with a thrilling open-top drive in Mallorca.

Alternatively, rent the classy Mercedes S-Class, a full-size luxury sedan that combines extreme comfort with high-performance. Cutting edge technology and distinguished on-road presence ensure a perfect and smooth drive, on all kinds of roads. Likewise, cabriolet fans will have a preference for the Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet, a high-end four seater convertible. 

Drive to Palma

Discover Mallorca for yourself in the prestigious Mercedes S-Class sedan for a drive to The Banys Arabs in Palma. Today these Arab baths are the existing remnants of the Arab city of Medina Mayurqa whose origins date to the 10th century. The visible structure is believed to have once been a part of an Arab nobleman's house, with architectural designs found in the cultural heartland of Islamic countries.

Hire a prestige car from Palma Airport, because finding out for yourself, is the best way to get to know something.

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