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Perfection comes at a cost

By Nicole Harris

Elegant, exclusive and elite hire a Rolls-Royce in Basel for a city that shares these characteristics of perfection with the luxury car. The Swiss are dedicated to the often elusive status of perfection. Ambitious, punctual and methodical they approach their zeal for perfection with everything they endeavour.

The Rolls Royce Phantom rental is the genuine authority as the perfect luxury vehicle. It marks a rare sense of scale and occasion in its highly impressive handcrafted design. Pick up the Phantom as you walk out of the terminal of Basel Airport (BSL) for a magical trip to Lake Thun. Located at the northern perimeter of the Alps, Lake Thun is surrounded by majestic mountain scenery. Explore the natural surroundings amidst the century old trees, the lakes and rare species of flowers and plants. Let yourself be moved and inspired by this oasis of peace and tranquility. It it the perfection found in nature, that leaves us beckoning for more.

The Rolls-Royce Wraith hire necessitates being admired for all its perfected beauty and engineering. Go shopping amongst the crowd gazing boutique strips of Basel. We recommend Elia Gilli, for original jewellery pieces and a unique collection of bowls and vases that combines carved wood with silversmithing. Otherwise, Daniella Spillmann, a fascinating fashion designer, she cleverly applies luxurious fabrics with witty details. In the city of Basel, shopping is nothing short of creative expression.

Switzerland is a wealthy country, evident as a financial powerhouse, a business epicenter and a sophisticated cultural haven. Meet the occasion and drive the perfection of luxury in a Rolls-Royce hire in Basel.

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