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A sports car in Basel is for the thrill of adventure

By Scott Jawns

Don’t miss out on the wealth of attractions and adventures to be found in the city of Basel. A buzzing hive of places to go, things to see, fashion to discover and restaurants to tease the palate. With so much to explore, drive a sports car rental across the city of Basel and make sure you see it all.

Rent the BMW X3 M Sport, the ultimate mid sized 4x4 suv, while capable of off road terrain, this ultra stylish SUV looks so good with the city in the backdrop. Enjoy the spirit of national fanfare and take your BMW sports car to the Basel Tattoo, occurring every year around the month of July. A military display it involves a cast of over 1000 performers, each choreographed to the detail of perfection. Whilst, the music performance covers a wide range of genres from contemporary to traditional, the musical notes still manage to transport its audience to the Scottish Highlands.

The Ferrari F430 Spider can’t help but to raise eyebrows in the fashionable city of Basel, with its aerodynamic and fast-speed looks, it impresses even within the most luxurious settings. As driving a Ferrari sportscar is ostensibly a religious experience, coast your Ferrari rental to the Münsterplatz cathedral, an iconic landmark in its red sandstone architecture. A much loved building, it is a symbol of triumph over adversity, and maintains a stronghold over the nation’s heart.

The Audi S5 Cabriolet, is no humble creature of the urban road. This sport car rental possesses power, performance and presence. Visit the Basel Carnival and ensure that the fun evoked in the cabrio design of this sports car is given full expression. This three-day extravaganza commences with the ‘Morgenstreich’, a procession of 200 illuminated canvas lanterns that enthral spectators as the sun slowly rises above the picturesque city center.

Rent a sports car from Basel Airport (BSL) and explore all the wonderful cacophony of sounds, images and delights, that is the city of Basel.

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