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A supercar for the superhero in you

By Brittany Nue

Rent a supercar in the city of Basel, for a moment of glory or to spread the terror. If Batman could drive his supercar in Gotham, the sophisticated prestige of Basel could certainly do justice to a supercar on its streets.

The Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, widely considered to be Batman’s supercar in the aggressive black design, is the perfect car to give expression to your alter ego, bursting from within. Drive your Lamborghini to the old city of Basel where the historic features lend themselves well to a gothic mood. In the dark of the night, spin the wheels of the Lamborghini down the tight knitted alleyways of Weisse and Barfussweg foiling the plans of Basel’s vicious predators.

The Bugatti Vitesse rental, is nothing less than intimidation on wheels. Its iconoclast looks and powerful dynamism is way beyond automotive standards, leaving the competition in the depths of its dust. The perfect supercar to climb through Basel’s nightclub scene, visit Club Rouge, Des Arts and Campari Bar. Be the one to affect the mood and get the groove flowing, spilling out on to the streets.

Any of our prestige supercars can be picked up from Basel Airport or delivered to you anywhere within the city. The Mercedes SLR McLaren supercar rental, is one of the fastest cabrios in the market. Formidable with its ultra stylish and aggressive design lines it does something vicious to the senses, transporting you from reality to chaos, where boundaries have no meaning.

Drive a supercar rental through Basel, are you the hero or the villain? The supercar will bring out the best or the worst in you.

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