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Drive through a fairytale

By Scott Jawns

Explore central Germany on a 4X4 car hire from Frankfurt, a lively metropolis that serves as a strategic base for traveling through Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and the Rhine Valley.

Have our VIP ‘meet and greet’ service personnel deliver you the keys to the upscale, Limited and top-of-the-line King Ranch edition of the Ford Expedition and travel to the romantic Rhine River Valley. A dramatic landscape of timeless beauty in which medieval castles, steep vineyards and idyllic villages appear as if they were taken out of a fairytale. Explore the Unesco designated World Heritage Site of the Oberes Mittelrheintal riverscape and be transported to a world of reincarnated legends.

Begin your journey through the region aboard the Jeep Patriot, a tough but civilized luxury 4X4 SUV. Visit Koblenz, a modern city full of flowers and parks that sits at the convergence of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers and that provides access to the charming landscapes of the region’s three low mountain ranges.

Visit the once Cistercian monastery Kloster Eberbach, in which many of the scenes from The Name of the Rose were shot. Dating as far back as the 12th century, the complex has been home to a psychiatric asylum, a jail, a sheep pen and a refugee camp during WWII. In a tour of the Kloster Eberbach, visitors can see the cloister, the monk’s baroque refectory, the vaulted Gothic dormitories and the Romanesque basilica. From there, take your Mercedes Benz ML Class, a powerful mid-size SUV, and visit the Vinothek, where you can taste and buy some of the wines produced by the Hessian State Winery.

Explore the Rhine River Valley aboard a 4X4 hire from Frankfurt and enter a world of fairy tales, beauty and legends.

4x4 Rental in Frankfurt, Germany


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