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Mixing Business with Pleasure

By Nicole Harris

Travel to Frankfurt and discover a world at the height of finance and luxury, a city located by the bay, Frankfurt lies across both planks of the river Main. While the city seems to sit still as it is reflected on the waterbed, deep within the thick density of skyscrapers, office buildings and historical monuments, Frankfurt has in fact a frenetic hum of energy. The city’s inhabitants never stop moving, living out their lives with inexhaustable energy, keeping the city aglow with activity. For your journey to Frankfurt hire an Exotic car, and explore a city that has the same razzle dazzle to match that of the ravishing car you are driving.

The variety of Exotic cars that we offer in Frankfurt is highly enticing and certainly worth taking just a sneak peak.Take a glimpse at the revolutionary Tesla Model S, the first car to take the automotive world by storm as it offers a practical and reliable way to drive kilometers on pure electric energy, all whilst looking good and hitting jaw dropping speeds. The Porsche 911 GT3 is another sensational exotic car, miraculously road legal, it is constructed with incredible power and road handling siphoned from the design of F1 racing machines. Another popular choice in Frankfurt is the Mini Cooper Convertible, a dynamic and fun car that keeps its drivers in rapture as it offers an unforgettable ride. As you zip through narrow alley ways and crowded streets enjoy all the ease that comes with driving a small car with fantastic handling.

As Frankfurt is the financial capital of Continental Europe, for that reason amongst many others it is also the transportation centre of Germany. Frankfurt is home of the European Central Bank and the German Stock Exchange and thereby a frequent location for business travelers. However make sure to mix a little business with pleasure when you hire an exotic car in Frankfurt.

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