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Divine inspiration manifested in the Ferrari

By Scott Jawns

“Admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, to let your soul expand in the worship of the creator”. Whilst this may be said about god’s creations, is a Ferrari no less the product of divine inspiration? Rent a Ferrari in Frankfurt because as a committed adherent, is one not subject to give thanks, where gratitude is due?

Pure and devoted, hire the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta with a V12 engine it drives as a spearhead of devotion striking the soul at its core. Once in the driver’s seat of the Berlinetta, travel through Frankfurt’s gothic center surrounding the grand Kaiserdom. Awe inspiring in its grand gothic architecture, construction for the cathedral commenced in the 1400s and after centuries of dedication was finally completed in the 1860s. Its tower looms over the city reminding passer bys of god’s omniscient presence in their lives.

As if eternally committed to a doctrinal order of extreme performance the Ferrari FF rental travels over any terrain, whilst the Ferrari 488 GTB with its fear inducing speeds appears as if possessed by roaming souls in search of serenity. Either of these Ferrari supercars will do well to reflect the awesome grandeur of Kaiserdom, the seat of Germany’s catholic church and where the Holy Roman Emperors were consecrated and crowned into their supreme positions.

Hire a Ferrari in Frankfurt, because when you aim for heaven you will claim the earth, but when you aim merely for earth, you claim neither.

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