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A skyline of wealth and prestige

By Nicole Harris

A true finance and business capital, home base of the European Central Bank, a rich collection of museums, a large number of parks and outdoor spaces, fine dining and plenty of shopping opportunities. A Prestige car hire in Frankfurt will allow you to explore everything this rich city has to offer.

Start your trip by enjoying the stunning views of the city from The Main Tower. Drive your Lexus RX 450h SE, the most innovative luxury crossover ever built and ride the elevator up to the 650-feet high platform and admire Frankfurt’s cityscape from the only high-rise open to the public.

Drive your 2 door Jaguar XKR along the river Main, running through Frankfurt’s city center and visit some of the best museums in the country. Sitting on its banks are the superb German Film Museum and the fine art Städel Museum. On Saturdays, hunt for treasures at the city’s largest flea market.

Join in on Frankfurt’s traditions and visit Adolf Wagner, a cozy tavern famous for its Apfelwein, Frankfurt’s signature alcoholic drink, an apple cider produced in the surrounding regions. Hang up your coat at one of the hooks along the wood-panelled wall, take a seat at a long table and drink up.

From wealth-exuding buildings, to traditional folklore, explore the many facets of Frankfurt aboard a Prestige car hire.

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