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Watch Hungarian cowboys in HORTOBÁGY

By Nicole Harris

The Hungarian Plains may sound plain, but they offer the intrepid traveller a unique experience. Amazing sunsets, fantastic horsemanship by the Csikós, Hungarian cowboys, and awesome scenes of iconic long armed shadoofs are well worth seeing.

Consider a stylish drive, luxury car rental in Hungary gives you a fabulous choice of high-end vehicles. Our excellent Meet and Greet Service will be waiting for you at the Budapest airport. It is simple and easy.

Mercedes SLS Roadster or Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Explore the plains of Hungary in a Mercedes SLS Roadster. This sports car offers breathtaking performance combined with extraordinary handling dynamism. For those who love to flaunt, our Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is waiting. This large two door fastback coupé is designed to amaze.

Scenic Landscapes

A beautiful red sunset with the black silhouette of a shadoof makes for fabulous photos. These huge creature-like looking wells dot the countryside with long outstretched poles. Get your camera out and snap shots for your album. The bare plains of Hungary will enchant the soul. Visit small well-preserved villages and admire the folk art. Spend a relaxing afternoon at a thermal spa and have dinner at the Hortobágy Club Hotel.

Create a holiday of note, rent a luxury vehicle in Hungary and visit the plains of Hortobágy.

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